SQ3R and Chocolate for Beauty

Hello everyone !

So topic of the day is do you ever know what actually SQ3R is ? Yes ? No ? Alright, for those who does not know what SQ3R is, SQ3R is actually one of an effective strategy to read an article easily and faster. SQ3R is stands for survey , question , read, recall , and review. By using this you can understand the article and remember the points better.

And on the other hand, I’m going to share something with you guys about something that most of people would love most especially to women. Obviously, it is about beauty. People would spend lot of money to be beautiful. Thus, the scientist have found out that chocolate actually can keep you younger looking. Wow, fascinating isn’t it ? But! Yes there is a but. The price of this anti-ageing chocolate is ‘quite’ expensive, unfortunately. However, the chocolate beauty contained an antioxidant that gives the flamingoes their pink colour and it could bring back the youths of the person for just in three weeks. According to the benefits, no wonder the product is expensive because it is one of the great product ever produced. So, if you wanted to feel more youth and had pinkish colour skin, you can try chipping in from now!


       Eat yummily and gain beauty at the same time!



According multiple intelligences test, I think I categorized myself in visual intelleligence. Moreover, I also do think that I am categorized in musical intelligence.

Based on my daily activities and the way I learn, I think it is quite accurate about my intelligence category.

I really love colours. Even more, colours enhancing my memory. Thus, I can make my notes as colorful as possible to attract myself to learn without feeling bored and can memorize the notes well. Looking at pictures generates my memory also and making the notes are interesting to be read. Hence, it giving me a better way of learning.

In the other hand, music makes me enjoy learning. In my opinion, I also can easily memorized lyrics. Thus, if I read the notes with rhythm or sing along the notes, I can memorizes the notes faster and clearly.

My Goals!

Goal is a lifetime target to fulfill our satisfaction and feeling contented in life. Thus, I have my own goals that I have set in my life.

Firstly, my goals is I want to success in my studies. Getting excellent grades and pointers in my course. I have this ambition since I was in high school. I admire a doctor so that I made him as my role model and making myself wanted to be a veterinarian. Hence, my another goal is to be a successful and passionate veterinarian.

The reason why I wanted to get excellent grades in my studies because I wanted to pursue my studies in doctor of veterinary medicine so that I can be a veterinarian. Besides, I wanted to be a veterinarian because I am an animal lovers especially cats. I wanted to help the animals and care for them.

In the moments, I have been studying hard to achieve my goals. Reflexing myself and always remind myself not to procrastinate anymore as I usually do. I also pray to Allah for seeking His help in my life.

Foundation in Science

First of all the reason why am I doing Foundation in Science because I wanted to pursue my studies in degree earlier. If i take diploma, it will take a long of time to complete my diploma programme. Secondly, it is because my father’s encouragement to do Foundation in Science. He wants me to further my studies faster and he thinks it is the best for me. Besides, through this course is one of the best way for me to further my studies in science fields and achivees my ambition to be a veterinarian.

In the other hand, I have been studying all my best in order to achieve my dreams in the future. There are some of efforts that I did to enhance my learning. I asked around about the lesson taught by the lecturers if I lost on track due to leaving classes and also seek for help through my friends who understand better to help me to solve the problems that i have when in learning.

I have estimated that I will complete my studies in proximately around 6 to 7 years more and achieves a bachelor in doctor of veterinary medicine.